Recovery in pictures: One year after the Indonesia earthquake

November 19, 2019

Months after the earthquake and tsunami struck, this mosque is still surrounded by water and slowly collapsing.

In late September 2018, a series of strong earthquakes struck the Central Sulawesi Province of Indonesia.

One had a magnitude of 7.5 and triggered tsunami waves more than nine feet high. More than 4,000 people were killed, with tens of thousands more missing or left homeless.

Now, more than a year later, the island is working hard to rebuild, with tools provided by Plan supporters like you.

1. Staying Healthy With Limited Access To Water

Providing Water After Indonesia Earthquake

The disaster caused serious damage to the island’s water and sanitation systems that will take time to repair. In the meantime, your gifts are helping to teach children about how to stay healthy without regular access to water or a working toilet. In this picture, a Plan staff member visits a school in Central Sulawesi to talk about brushing your teeth, using soap, and more. Your gifts also help to deliver water filters and hygiene kits with critical items like toothpaste, pads, and washcloths. So far, Plan has distributed 1,860 water filters and 2,715 hygiene kits to families across the island.

 2. Rebuilding Homes and Schools

Rebuilding Homes and Schools After Earthquake

One of the most immediate needs after the tsunami subsided was one of the most basic: shelter. With their homes washed away, many families have had to start from scratch to rebuild their lives.

Your donations helped to provide approximately 4,800 shelter kits to families in need, containing things like tarps to create temporary tents and mosquito nets. And since electricity isn’t available, you’ve also helped to send more than 9,000 solar lamps to light the night for struggling families.

But homes weren’t the only buildings that were damaged – the disaster also put children’s education on hold. Now, you’re helping to distribute construction materials to villages so that communities can rebuild both their homes and their schools.

3. Preparing For The Next Disaster

Disaster Preparedness

While schools are being rebuilt, your gifts have helped to construct 23 temporary spaces where children can keep learning. Over 1,800 people have been trained on the importance of children’s education in emergencies, including more than 450 teachers who can now show their students what to do in case of a disaster. As they went back to school in these temporary centers, more than 2,800 children also received school uniforms and supplies like backpacks, pencils, and folders.

4. Providing Hope

Providing Hope After Disaster

Life isn’t back to normal for children and their families in Central Sulawesi, even more than a year after the earthquake. But, thanks to support from people like you, it’s getting better. Thank you!