#Rewrite Her Story

September 19, 2019

Our gender equality survey from last year found that 72% of girls ages 14-19 years old say they’ve been treated with less respect because of their gender.

This International Day of the Girl, we can tell a different story. Speak up and tell everyone how you would #RewriteHerStory!

Our challenge is simple: Use social media to tell us how popular movies, television shows, or songs could be re-written with a gender-positive message.


CREATE a video on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram acting out a new plot or singing a new song.


TELL US your plot ideas on any of your social networks! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #RewriteHerStory.

You can also use your platform to share this important message from Plan’s newly-launched research with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media:

Women and girls are rarely presented as leaders, and even when they are in leadership positions, they are far more likely than men to be portrayed as sex objects.

Here are some messages you can use on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

  • New research @PlanUSA @GDIGM shows there aren’t enough women leaders in popular films. And where they do lead, they’re much more likely to be shown as sex objects. #RewriteHerStory
  • Not one of the world’s top 56 grossing films of 2018 was directed by a woman. No wonder girls and women are silenced, sexualized, and side-lined on screen, says @PlanUSA #RewriteHerStory @GDIGM
  • The world’s storytellers must start writing about the real and colossal power of girls and women and stop undermining them, says @PlanUSA – and we agree. (Insert reason/ example) Together, we must #RewriteHerStory!
  • Female leaders in films are four times more likely to be shown wearing revealing clothing than their male counterparts. They’re twice as likely to be shown partially nude. New research @PlanUSA @GDIGM #RewriteHerStory
  • New research @PlanUSA @GDIGM analyses the 56 top-grossing films of 2018 across 20 countries. They made more than $21bn at the box office. But the way they represent girls and women is missing the mark. #RewriteHerStory
  • The world’s most popular films are still sending the message to girls and young women that leadership is mostly for men. New @PlanUSA @GDIGM analysis of 2018’s top films shows there are twice as many male characters and they speak twice as much. #RewriteHerStory

Imagine a world in which the Avengers are all female, or where Cinderella gets her graduate degree and confronts her stepmother and stepsisters to take her rightful place as a member of her family. Where song lyrics celebrate girls’ leadership and power, instead of how they look and what they wear. Where television shows and ads encourage young women’s aspirations and ambitions – showing them playing sports and in the boardroom – instead of reinforcing dated norms like being in the kitchen or doing laundry.

Films and other media have tremendous power to influence how the world views girls and how they view themselves. Girls want to see their lives reflected on screen, and they want to see positive role models. We, in turn, must support their aspirations and remove the barriers that hold them back. The entertainment industry must stop reinforcing damaging gender stereotypes and norms and instead tell a new story about girls’ power and leadership. It’s past time we did something about it – it’s time to #RewriteHerStory.