Thinking About the Next International Day of the Girl

By Ari
October 29, 2018

To celebrate International Day of the Girl this year, I shadowed a woman from a major technology company. This gave me an opportunity to see what it takes to become a mapper. Then, I made a petition with my father and sister. This gave me a chance to make others aware of the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) mentoring for girls. Afterwards, I wrote a series of blog posts about my experiences. This allowed me to share what I had done. 

Unfortunately, most other girls in my community didn’t celebrate International Day of the Girl. No one talked about it on the radio. I didn’t see any signs for it on the streets. My teachers did not teach us about it. And, none of the other kids talked about it. Even after I wrote my blog posts, nothing changed. And that silence upsets me.

Next year, I want to bring more awareness to International Day of the Girl. I also think that the theme should be about the bullying of girls. We need to teach girls to stand up for themselves and be independent. We also need to teach others to stand up for girls when they are being bullied and help parents make sure that their daughters aren’t being bullied. Most importantly, we need to teach the bullies to stop bullying. 

If next year’s theme was about the bullying of girls, then more girls would be successful in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. And, more girls will become scientists, architects, mappers, and a lot of other things. We can’t change the past. But, we can change the future. If people stopped bullying girls, that would be a good start.

Ari is a Junior in the Girl Scouts of Nation’s Capital. She is also a Girl Guide in the British Girlguiding Overseas. She writes about her scouting experiences on Girls Can Map.