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Nigeria: Better Life Options and Opportunities Model

The Better Life Options and Opportunities Model (BLOOM) is a non-formal education program developed in 1987 that has since been adapted and applied in more than 15 countries. The model has been rigorously evaluated and proven effective for the gender-transformative delivery of life skills and empowerment of adolescents, particularly for girls.

MacArthur Foundation
Grant Amount
Project Start Date
April 2015
Project End Date
March 2018
Technical Areas Covered
Life Skills (including ASRHR), Health and Rights, Pre-employment Skills, Financial Literacy, Empowerment, and Civic Participation

The Choose A Future! (CAF!) curriculum at the heart of the BLOOM approach has 15 modules that expand youths’ knowledge of goal setting, career planning, rights and responsibilities, reproductive health, and other life skills that are not fully addressed in the formal school system. An important differentiator of the BLOOM approach is how the curriculum is delivered: by local teams of facilitators and supported by local Project Support Committees (PSCs) comprising local leaders and community volunteers who serve as mentors and advocates for youth development. BLOOM builds capacities and opportunities for youth as well as their communities.

The goal is to help 1,200 adolescent girls (80 percent) and boys (20 percent), aged 14-16, envision and attain productive futures by:

  • Improving youths’ life skills and capacity to make healthy choices;
  • Building youths’ capacities in transferable employment-relevant skills;
  • Fostering community and government support for personal and career development opportunities for adolescents.


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