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Brisa Is Changing Lives With The Power Of Radio

Brisa, 16, from Nicaragua, uses the power of radio to connect with girls and young women in her community. On her own radio show, she addresses issues affecting her community, such as gender-based violence, sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy.

Girls also share their experiences with Brisa and see her as a counselor. She uses her experience to offer advice and solutions to the problems they face. “I want to change my community,” she says resolutely. “I want to change the lives of indigenous girls.”

You Can Help Make An Impact On Girls In Central America

Gender-based violence in Central America is forcing girls to migrate. Migrating girls are at the greatest risk for trafficking and assault. And unaccompanied children, especially girls, often endure multiple forms of sexual violence during migration. Sponsoring a child in Central America is one powerful way you can help fight the root causes of migration. Sponsorship can be the start of something better for girls. 

Learn how you can protect the childhoods of girls now

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