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Yes, I want to help bring water – and education – to children in Abidjandè, Togo!

Thank you! You have done so much for children around the world. In their eyes, you are bold. You move mountains. You are a superhero.

Now, you can be a hero to even more children – the girls and boys in Abidjandè, Togo.

The children will soon have a new primary school. The foundation has been built and the children are excited that their new school is almost finished.

But there is more to do! The children need water. And we simply can’t provide it without you!

Your gift can help to build a well, hand washing stations, and girls’ and boys’ latrines for the new primary school.

You can help us reach our goal of $30,000 by June 30 so the children will have water when school starts in the fall!

For the children, mostly girls, who walk many miles every day for water instead of going to school, your support is a superpower.

Your gift will open the door to these girls so that they may enroll in school and realize their own powers. With your help, these children – and their sisters, brothers, and parents – will have a chance to change their circumstances and their futures. Your tax-deductible gift can help to make all this possible.

On behalf of the children and their families, thank you.

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