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Give to Where It's Needed the Most

Extreme poverty, civil war, disease, natural disasters, manmade catastrophes—people living in developing countries around the world face overwhelming odds in the face of harsh circumstances.

Children and families around the world are suffering from the stark realities of inescapable situations. Their lives can change with a rain storm, a sip of unclean water, an earthquake, or hunger and malnutrition.

Plan is working in 50 developing communities across the globe to help improve the lives of countless individuals living in communities in crisis. And you can help.

Because the need is so great, sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly which area, individual or initiative to support. That’s why we encourage you to Give Where Needed Most.

Your unrestricted donation can have a lasting impact on the most at-risk children and families, providing not just a roof overhead, a warm meal on a table, or a better view on the world, but a strong foundation that will result in sustainable change. Your donation will help Plan to:

  • Provide life-saving water purification systems, low-cost high-quality medicine, or health education
  • Rebuild villages that have been damaged by flooding and heavy rains
  • Provide a local source of clean drinkable water that will allow a family to grow crops, a child to go to school, or a mother the opportunity to live long enough to see her child become an adult
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Your contribution is tax deductible as allowed by law.

If you have a problem with any contribution processed on your credit card, simply notify us immediately at We will fix the problem ASAP and offer a refund, as needed. Thank you.