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Support Families Fleeing Violence in South Sudan

Children lay on mats under a tree in the Mingkaman IDP camp.
Children lay on mats under a tree in the Mingkaman IDP camp.

Since mid-December, armed conflict has engulfed South Sudan, with clashes taking place between troops loyal to President Salva Kiir and others backing his former deputy Riek Machar.

An estimated 803,000 people are now displaced inside South Sudan, while another 264,600 have fled to neighboring Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia. As with most disasters, children are often the most vulnerable, and in the chaos many have been separated from families and caregivers.

“The situation on the ground in Awerial in humanitarian terms is very grim. Most of the people there have fled fighting in Bor in Jonglei State. They didn’t take anything with them, they haven’t had food, they haven’t had access to clean water, and don’t have shelter. In some cases the people are wounded and don’t have medical care,” Acting Regional Director of Plan in Eastern and Southern Africa, Hazel Nyathi, has said.

Graham Juma, Plan South Sudan’s project field supervisor supporting emergency response in Awerial County, says, “People are scattered under the trees and those who are lucky are housed in the tented camps. Many children are suffering from diarrhea as a result of poor hygiene and feeding, and cholera is also a threat. Open defecation is rampant as there are no sanitary facilities available.”


By giving today, you can help those affected by the fighting in South Sudan and prevent greater tragedy by:

  • Supplying food to malnourished children under 5
  • Providing clean drinking water for children and families
  • Constructing temporary latrines and hand-washing stations to promote improved health and hygiene


Plan has been operating in South Sudan since 2006, focusing on food security and nutrition, education, youth livelihoods, child protection, and humanitarian support.


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