You can send a girl to school in Burkina Faso!

Education in most countries, including Burkina Faso, is not free. Parents need to purchase uniforms, buy school supplies and pay nominal fees. For families living in dire poverty this is what often prevents them from sending their children to school. And with limited means comes the forced choice – should they educate their sons or their daughters?

Girls are deemed to have the greatest value by what they can contribute to the family dynamic. By staying home girls can watch over younger siblings and attend to chores like cooking and farming. Often they are married to a suitor at a very young age to relieve the burden of having one more mouth to feed. And so begins the downward spiral, a girl without an education loses all hope of developing to her fullest potential.

But you can alter the course of a girl’s journey by joining forces with Malika. 60 girls can now get to school, now it’s up to you to ensure that they stay in school. A gift of:

  • $800 will grant one girl a scholarship to complete 4 years of secondary school
  • $1,600 will grant two scholarships
  • $4,000 will grant five scholarships
  • $8,000 will grant ten scholarships

You can eliminate the difficult choice some parents face by making it possible for their sons AND daughters to be educated. Scholarships will be awarded in September 2013. Plan is committed to providing over 300 girls with scholarships. Please join Malika in fulfilling her promise for a better future for these young women. You may be their last hope.

Thank you for your compassionate response on behalf of Malika and the young women of Burkina Faso. You make all the difference.

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