Stories from change-makers in Egypt

Amel Hassan Amany
Sponsor Girl in Egypt
Amel is a proud Egyptian. She loves drawing the pyramids and the Sphinx. And she loves fighting for Egyptian girls’ rights.
Especially when it comes to female genital mutilation (FGM).

Egypt has the third-highest rate of FGM, behind only Guinea and Somalia. FGM is a traditional practice that is extremely dangerous for the girls who are forced to undergo it.

One of Amel’s friends bled to death after she was cut. It was after that tragedy that Amel convinced her parents to let her decide whether or not this would happen to her body. And she decided it would not.

After attending Plan awareness sessions, Amel came to fully understand how harmful FGM is. She’s now determined to make sure other girls are safe from it, too.

“I want to eradicate FGM from my village because it has many harmful effects,” Amel says. “It hurts a lot of the girls.”

With Plan, Amel has become a girls’ rights advocate in her community. She talks to girls and families about the negative impacts of FGM and encourages them to attend the awareness sessions.

Amel is optimistic that it will end — in fact, she can barely contain her excitement when she talks about it. She’s confident that change is happening, and she’s ready to keep up the fight.
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Sponsor Child in Egypt Hassan
Hassan is part of a new generation of men in Egypt — one that sees harassment as unacceptable.
But he didn’t always feel this way.

“I used to think of girls as inferior and that I was better than them,” Hassan admits.

What changed? Hassan participated in Plan’s Safer Cities program, where he learned about gender equality and the dangers facing girls in Cairo. Now Hassan thinks it’s deeply unfair that girls are treated differently than boys.

“I realize that girls are equal,” Hassan says. “I have the right to play sports and leave the house in the evenings, and girls should too.”

Now when Hassan sees harassment on the streets (which is a huge problem in Egypt, affecting 99% of women), he can’t stand it. And he does something about it.

Hassan’s mother saw it in action. “I saw my son standing up for a girl who was being harassed,” she said. “He asked the boy to stop what he was doing. I was so proud.”
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Plan girl in Egypt Amany
Amany just did something that seemed impossible a few years ago: She graduated from school.
That seemed impossible because Amany was promised in marriage when she was just 15 years old.

“If it wasn’t for Plan International, I would have children now, and huge responsibilities I can’t handle,” says Amany.

When Plan first started working in Amany’s community, she was in middle school and thought marriage was the next best step for herself. Most girls in her community (and 17% of girls in all of Egypt) drop out of school to get married before they’re 18 years old.

Luckily, Amany started attending Plan workshops and learned about her rights. She realized an early marriage would be a mistake, and even more importantly, that she should be able to choose how to live her life.
Amany managed to convince her parents to call off the marriage. And she stayed in school — the place she loved to be.

“I was one of the smartest girls in my class,” says Amany. “I took part in a lot of different activities and my teachers depended on me.”

Amany is now planning to go to college. She has her mother’s support, but not her father’s and brother’s yet. That hasn’t changed her mind, though. Because she knows it’s her life and her decision.
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