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Tisay Gelyn Mau
Sponsored Children In The Philippines Tisay
One morning, Tisay woke up and couldn’t breathe.
Her body was frozen, but her mind was racing. Her mother took her to a medical clinic, where she was seen by a doctor who openly discussed anxiety and depression with her.

“On the outside, I looked fine, happy,” Tisay says. “But I was always trying to hold back tears. I never spoke about it because I was scared of being judged.”
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Sponsored Child In The Philippines Gelyn
Gelyn, a Plan sponsored child, lives with her aunts and her grandmother, who is a fish vendor.
“Due to the community lockdown, my grandmother was not allowed to go out,” says Gelyn.
“Meanwhile, both my aunts are out of work. It is more difficult for people with disabilities to find work right now.”

With no steady income, the family had trouble accessing basic necessities, such as toiletries. They’re not alone. Many Filipinos are currently unable to meet the needs of their families, especially now during COVID. The lack of access to hygiene products can lead to serious illnesses, which can then easily spread throughout a family or a community.

To respond to these issues, Plan’s RAISE Above Project is distributing menstrual health and hygiene kits to girls and young women across Western Samar. Each kit contains soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, hand sanitizer gel, sanitary pads and underwear, as well as information on COVID-19 prevention measures, health tips and other safety advice.

“My toothbrush was already old,” Gelyn says. “And now I can finally replace it.”

Gelyn is grateful for the support to ensure everyone in her family stays healthy. “Despite the pandemic, I want to remain hopeful. I know things will eventually get better.”
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Youth Advocate In The Philippines Mau
Plan International youth advocate Mau offers advice to youth on how to stay safe and continue the fight for gender equality during the pandemic.
"If you see someone treated harshly by people with authority outside your home, report the matter through other authorities. If you see similar incidents on social media, report those, too. This act, no matter how small it may seem, could save lives and protect rights.

“It might not be known to some of us that there are also dangers behind the façade of the online world through our phones and computers. We must be extra careful as the threats are now heightened. There are online scammers and predators seeking to prey on the most vulnerable ones in the virtual world — children. We must be wary of those dangers and be vigilant about anything that we click online …

“Remember that you are aware of your own rights. Continue to protect and promote equal rights for all during this quarantine. Let us devote ourselves to become a living testament to the powerful message of gender equality."
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Plan International has been working to improve children’s lives in the Philippines since 1961.

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As of June 30, 2022, people like you sponsor 31,311 children in the Philippines through Plan International.

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