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Youth Leader In Thailand
View lives in Chiang Rai, a province prone to earthquakes, landslides, flash floods, forest fires and drought.
To increase students’ awareness of disasters and build their knowledge on how digital technology can help create climate solutions, Plan International Thailand developed a program promoting innovation learning for disaster risk reduction.

Integrated into science, technology, engineer and mathematics (STEM) lessons at three schools in the province, the project aims to inspire children to participate in the digital world. Innovation learning encourages children to apply scientific knowledge and processes to solve problems. Equal participation between girls and boys is a vital component of the project.

View recently took part in a computer coding workshop, where she used a pocket-sized computer called a micro:bit to create inventions with her classmates.

"That is a basic air filtration system that I made with my friends," View says, pointing to the machine in the corner of the classroom. "The other one is an automated plant watering system to grow vegetables. The system needs light and soil humidity detectors to be installed. Code is needed to make it function."

Since the start of the project, the students’ disaster preparedness skills have improved. They now fully understand the possible dangers and how to stay safe.

View wants to use the skills she learned in the program to create a better world.

"My inspiration is to invent new things and use them to solve problems in schools. I want to be an engineer because I want to design and construct safer and stronger buildings. After an earthquake happens, buildings crack, so I want to improve them."
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Even though Sirilak was born in Thailand, her birth wasn’t registered. That meant her options were limited. It was yet another obstacle blocking her path to a better life.
Without a birth certificate, children are essentially invisible. They don’t have access to education, health care benefits, protection from threats like trafficking and child marriage, or a number of other services afforded to legal citizens.

That’s why Plan International Thailand is working to raise awareness through a project called Citizenship for All. Established in 2012, the project has helped more than 5,000 people receive citizenship, including Sirilak in 2019.

After becoming a citizen, Sirilak was awarded and accepted a scholarship to a school in another district – a lifechanging opportunity which wouldn’t have been possible before, because she wasn’t allowed to travel freely outside her district.

For Sirilak, and many other children, that citizenship card is much more than a piece of paper – it’s the key to unlocking a better future.
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Plan International has been working to improve children’s lives in Thailand since 1981.

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Plan Thailand’s country office is located in Bangkok, with a program unit office in Chiang Rai.

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