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Youth & Economic Empowerment

Developing Financial and Leadership Skills

Aissatou lives in a small rural village in Senegal.

A youth microfinance project is helping in Senegal.

Her uncle was at a village meeting when he heard about a new project for young people.

The Youth Microfinance project aims to improve the lives of West African youths, with the overall goal of empowering young people both socially and economically. It also aims to bridge some of the gaps in training and economic opportunities in order to help stop the cycle of poverty for youth, their families, and their communities.

When Aissatou’s uncle decided to add her to the list of future members, she quickly became a leader among the youth in her community.

The village set up a management committee and, since Aissatou was known for having good relationships with the youth in her village, she was unanimously elected by her peers to chair the group.

Her responsibilities within the group have enabled her to better understand the role of a leader. Thanks to the support of the project, she now knows how to chair a meeting, ensure internal regulations are respected, and communicate effectively.

She is included in family meetings in spite of her young age, and she gets much more respect from adults in the village. Now she takes part in the village development committee meetings, during which she does not hesitate to take the floor and give her opinion.

This growth is significant for her because she never used to be involved in making decisions in her family, let alone in the village.

“Now I’m a good leader, and people in my group and my village have more respect for me and listen to what I have to say,” she said.

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