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Disaster & Conflict

Plan International USA works with communities that have been affected by natural and man-made disasters and conflicts by providing immediate disaster relief and recovery assistance. We work with partners and communities to protect the rights of children before and during emergencies, ensuring their immediate and long-term needs are met.

We utilize our long-term presence; relationships; and knowledge of communities, local structures, and institutions to assist affected children and families through the different phases of recovery. In countries where we are not present or have a limited presence, we work with local and international organizations to maximize the impact of our emergency response programming.

We work across key technical areas such as economic security, protection against gender-based violence (GBV), and civil society strengthening to address poverty and violence. We utilize evidence-based approaches that include asset-based interventions, strengthening of networks and systems, and the use of effective tools that can develop locally-driven solutions. Our resilience and governance programs seek to more comprehensively address the ability of communities to rebound from external shocks and overcome internal constraints to reach their development goals.


Our emergency response programs address immediate life-saving needs such as shelter, water, sanitation, hygiene, and food security. Our disaster relief and recovery programs target children who are often disproportionately affected by emergencies. Child protection is central to our work. We provide children with safe spaces, education, and psychosocial support as well as promote and strengthen existing systems to protect children as a top priority in our immediate disaster response programs. We also believe that children recover from disasters more quickly when they are involved in rebuilding their community. We work to ensure that children and young people take part in the disaster response and have a significant voice in decision-making.



Even after other organizations exit communities following their initial response, we remain in emergency areas to provide long-term recovery and rehabilitation. We continue to support long-term projects including school reconstruction, sustainable livelihoods, vocational training, shelter rehabilitation, and access to safe water and sanitation. In order to protect against future shocks, we implement disaster risk reduction programs to strengthen local government and community group capacity to prepare for and respond to emergencies or stresses. We work with children, young people, and communities to identify risks and strengthen community resilience.


We work with civil society organizations to ensure that boys, girls, and other vulnerable populations are included in governance planning and activities. By engaging governments at the community level to incorporate stakeholder priorities, Plan is able to more successfully implement development programs and advance democratic governance and human rights.


Frank Manfredi, Senior Director - Resilience Disaster

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