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Support Quality Education in Niger

Since 2012, Plan International USA’s Niger Education and Community Strengthening (NECS) project has been improving learning opportunities in Niger by strengthening community involvement in education, enriching the educational environment for girls and boys, and enhancing literacy instruction for students and adults.

Plan is working with communities in Niger to help make sure that schools have access to clean water. These water points are so vital to improving the hygiene of students and teachers and keeping the school clean. This helps to reduce absenteeism, the threat of disease, and make the schools more attractive to attend.

Through the NECS project, Plan is also providing extra support to those who pupils need it most, through a community mentoring initiative. The program matches students with a community member who works with these young girls and boys to navigate the challenges they face, to grow and increase their self-confidence.

All of these initiatives are made possible only with your support. By giving today, you can ensure that these children are given a chance to succeed in their education!

Thank you for your generous gift.

Your tax-deductible contribution will be used to help children and families in Niger. If the need is filled, we will apply your donation to wherever the need is greatest.



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