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When you think of a Gift of Hope, what do you see? A way to connect with a child in need? A real, tangible chance to change the world? Or the smile on a loved one’s face as they realize you gave a gift that truly matters?

These outcomes are all possible through Gifts of Hope, a unique way to give a gift while uplifting and empowering children and families in the developing world. Country by country, project by project, Plan consults with our partners – children, youth, families, and communities – to find areas where quick bursts of financial assistance can make an immediate difference, whether as an actual item or as a much-needed service.

When you give differently, you give directly and unwrap a world of possibility. You see school supplies; she sees a way to achieve her dreams. You see a birth certificate; he sees a passport to the future. You see a goat; a family sees a source of food, income, and pride.

Making the world a better place is a tall order, but you have the opportunity to give opportunity, one gift at a time.

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