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These are a few of our favorite things:
Gifts that change lives!


One Gift Can Change a Life This Season

Hope is powerful and life-affirming — it creates opportunities to thrive. When you give a Gift of Hope, you give girls access to education, help children receive urgent medical care, provide struggling families the means to grow food and earn a living, and so much more. Your Gifts of Hope are actual items desperately needed by communities around the world.

Let Them Know You’ve Given a Gift of Hope On Their Behalf!

When you give a Gift of Hope to a loved one, you can also send them an e-card when you've finished checking out!

Share Your Reason for Giving Differently This Season

Join the movement of people who change lives around the world by giving Gifts of Hope. Share a photo or your reason for giving hope this year with the hashtag #GiveDifferently.

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Stories of Hope

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