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Egypt: Workforce Readiness for Youth in Urban Cairo

Youth in the El Marg area of Cairo face significant rates of unemployment as a result of the mismatch between the education that they receive in school and the skills in demand by local employers. By working with local civil society organizations, employers, and marginalized youth to provide relevant training, skills, and linkages to opportunities with local employers, this project aims to facilitate the economic empowerment of youth in El Marg. It aims to enable participants to engage in relevant and productive activities, improve their skills, and increase their incomes, while at the same time meeting employers’ needs to have qualified workers paired with existing jobs.

This intervention has the following projected results:

  • At least 100 male and female youth will be enrolled in and trained throughout the program; two employment fairs and roundtables will be organized.
  • At least 70 percent of youth who undergo training will be placed in jobs within the hospitality sector.
  • At least 65 percent of participants who graduate from the training program will retain their jobs for at least 12 months and confirm that they are earning a decent wage (a minimum of $300 per month), which is well above Egypt’s minimum wage.

Key elements for the success of this project include:

  • Beneficiary/stakeholder interest: The project strategy assumes a high-level of interest from youth participants, consistent with what has been seen in other projects.
  • Consistent and reliable data on the employment opportunities that are available locally.
  • Employer input into training curriculum.
  • Interest and engagement of local employer network within the hospitality industry to offer on-site training opportunities for this cohort of youth.
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. Foundation
Grant Amount
Project Start Date
January 2016
Project End Date
March 2017
Technical Areas Covered
Employment/Career Development

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