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Eight Photos That Prove You’re Making a Difference

Each and every day, Plan International USA partners with its donors and supporters to bring lasting change around the world.

Together, over the last year, we’ve empowered millions of girls, responded to vulnerable communities during and after disasters, amplified the voices of youth, helped provide valuable educational services, and much more.

Here are eight photos that show your impact.

  • Learn about Plan International USA's health programs.

    You brought good health and bright smiles to children in Cambodia.

  • Plan has provided girls like Christine with access to sanitary pads so that they will stay in school.

    Christine, from Uganda, now has access to sanitary pads and doesn’t miss school because of her period.

  • Plan International is providing communities in Nepal with clean water.

    A remote village in Nepal has access to clean water, limiting disease and illness.

  • Plan International provided Syrian children with safe spaces to learn and thrive!

    Your caring support has given Syrian children, whose worlds have been torn apart, a safe place to learn and grow.

  • Plan International delivered sanitation kits and other supplies to communities that were affected by Hurricane Matthew.

    Communities in Haiti, devastated by Category 5 Hurricane Matthew, saw hope in Plan’s immediate response.

  • When a girl is empowered, she will learn, lead, decide, and thrive.

    Voices were heard all over the world when we collectively stood up for girls’ rights and gender equality by telling the world what when a girl is empowered, #SheWill accomplish incredible things.

  • Genesis attends her newly renovated school.

    Plan Sponsors created bonds with children around the globe. Genesis, from Peru, attends a newly renovated school and has formed an inspiring partnership with her sponsor.

  • When girls are empowered they are capable of great change.

    You empowered girls everywhere to be more confident and equipped them to change the world

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