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Because I am a Girl

A global initiative of Plan International, Because I am a Girl creates sustainable projects in developing countries to give girls access to the most basic of human rights: clean water, food, health care, education, financial security, and protection from violence and exploitation. These multi-sectoral programs enable girls to realize their own power as they transition into adulthood.

As strong girls and soon-to-be women, they will be able to uplift their entire families and communities.

“Girls have the potential but lack the opportunities. If society accepts our potential, we can achieve something great, together with boys.” – Selamawit, age 15, Ethiopia

The message is clear: Adolescent girls are the key to global change.

For every 10 percent increase in female literacy, the economy can grow by 0.3 percent. For every additional year of education that a young woman has, child mortality decreases by 9.5 percent.

Girls with a secondary education are three times less likely to be married before age 18, leading to decreased poverty and maternal/child mortality rates.

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