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Empowering Women and Girls

Plan International USA
and the
Woodrow Wilson Center
on February 22nd

Empowering Women and Girls

Women’s economic empowerment is sound policy and a right for all women. Women’s economic empowerment allows women to access resources and opportunities that are vital for their own growth and the growth of the economy. More women with access to jobs, financial services, property, health care, and education translates to sustainable development outcomes, whether it is in the US or overseas. Plan’s approach to youth economic empowerment focuses on employment readiness, developing the “soft skills” like executive functioning, public speaking, personal hygiene and other important but often overlooked factors in people’s employability. Young women need support to build bridges to their first formal sector job and earnings.

Opening Remarks –

  • Gwen Young, Director, Global Women’s Leadership Initiative, Woodrow Wilson Center
  • Tessie San Martin, President/CEO, Plan International USA


  • Jim Peters, Deputy Assistant Administrator for the E3 Bureau, USAID
  • Rodrigo Bustos, Country Director, Plan International El Salvador
  • Zoe Markwick, Commercial Director, Skanska Infrastructure
  • Moderator: Ann Hudock, Senior Vice President for International Programs, Plan International USA



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