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Empowerment Through Education and Sponsorship

Acqualine is a former sponsored child.

Acquiline’s dream of realizing her full potential became a reality after hard work and determination.

“Because of the opportunities that Plan International has created for me, today I am a strong-minded, confident, and assertive young woman,” she said. “In addition to the educational qualifications and job that I have, I now live a decent life with my only son.”

She became a Plan International sponsored child in 1993 when she was still attending primary school in Zimbabwe. Her sponsor was from Japan.

Now 31, Acquiline still recalls the enjoyment she received from communicating with her sponsor.

She received parcels and letters from her sponsor and wrote her sponsor back. During that time, it was always news and a surprise to receive letters from abroad.

The arrival of Plan in Acquiline’s community changed the circumstances of her life and the lives of other children and families. She and many other children were able to improve their situations through access to clean water and livelihood programs such as nutrition gardens. The communication between her and her sponsor also enabled her to have an appreciation for other cultures.

While at secondary school, she helped raise awareness on the importance of writing interactive communications.

Plan also assisted Acquiline with her school fees, providing great relief for her parents, who were struggling to pay for the education of seven other children.

Currently she is working as an administrative assistant for the Premier Service Medical Aid Society.

“I envision becoming a resource for Plan and my community, having gone through a Plan sponsorship program,” she said. “Through the sponsorship program, I now understand how important it is to assist vulnerable children. I will support some children in my community so that they also realize their potential like I did.

“I also want to pledge my support to children in my community through carrier guidance and mentorship programs, which will equip them to have confidence in themselves and therefore promote better performance in their studies.”

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