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Ethiopia: Workers Wellness Alliance

The USAID Workers Wellness Alliance (WWA), with support from the Hawassa Industrial Park Investors Association (HIPIA), presents an agile and measurable platform for worker, community, government, and private sector engagement that aligns and supports Ethiopia in its “Journey to Self-reliance.” The WWA will work with key stakeholders to adopt outside-the-park initiatives aimed at fostering stable, resilient and prosperous communities. Targeting two populations – newly recruited female factory workers and host community members – the WWA will introduce a set of interventions with the goals of supporting the arrival and integration of workers into Hawassa, and increasing the ability of host communities to benefit from the region’s growing population and expanding industrial base. Pillars of the WWA include partnership and consensus building, and scalable and sustainable programming, and gender transformative programming.

USAID, Hawassa Industrial Park Investors Association
Project Start Date
April 2019
Project End Date
April 2021
Technical Areas Covered
YEE, Women’s Empowerment, Enterprise Development, Community Engagement

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