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Fall 2020: Data Collection, Child Protection and Funding during COVID-19

Youth Civic Engagement Meeting

Girls in Sierra Leone spread messages on how to prevent COVID-19 in their communities.

Times of disruption can force industries to reflect on whether “business as usual” is good enough and, at the same time, highlight just how important it is to use best practices during a crisis. In this issue, we explore if current data collection standards by international development professionals are fair and ethical – our experts say no. In addition, new tools and resources for child protection in emergency professionals are explored, and we take a deep dive into how one funder set the standard for responsibly communicating with its implementing partners during a crisis.


This Month's Articles:

  1. MERL Series #2: Hey International Development Data Collectors- Don’t Waste My Time

    For decades, the international development community has been putting people at risk and living in poverty on the spot to participate in well-intentioned needs assessments. Is this right, fair and ethical? We say no.

  2. Community-Level Approaches to Child Protection in Humanitarian Action

    Communities are intimately aware of their children’s needs and have existing mechanisms to keep children safe. We are proud to release a suite of tools for child protection actors to recognize this reality and support community members to strengthen these capacities.

  3. Partnerships for Good: Lessons Learned in Responding to COVID-19

    During a pandemic, NGO and private sector partnerships can effectively reach those who need it most. But, it requires several important steps from the donor.

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