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Family Legacy Lives on Through Program in China

When Dr. Oliver T. Logan arrived in China with his wife, Jennie M. Logan, near the turn of the 20th century, the missionary doctor treated all conditions, but specialized in the prevention and treatment of eye diseases.

“The church sent them over there and they established a hospital,” Dr. Logan’s grandson, Joseph, said. “They learned the Chinese language and lived among the Chinese..”

Joseph’s father and aunt, Elsa, also spent much of their childhood in China. Elsa served as a teacher for many years.

Hoping to continue the family legacy, Joseph and his wife, Nancy, partnered with Plan International USA to treat childhood illness in China – just as his grandparents had done over a century ago.

The Yunnan Child Survival Project aims to save lives by strengthening health services in poverty-stricken ethnic minority counties in China. The project trains doctors and health care workers so they can diagnose and treat childhood illness effectively. This is accomplished through the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) approach, a proven and approved model of the World Health Organization and the UN. This holistic approach promotes prevention and educating all care givers including parents. The project has been piloted in Luquan and Xundian counties in the Yunnan province of southwest China.

Earlier this year, the Logans, accompanied by Plan International USA staff members Karen Cooper and Harpreet Anand traveled to China to see the project’s progress.

“It really made the whole program come alive,” said Nancy. “We get reports two or three times a year, but to actually see the program at work makes a real difference.”


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