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February 2017: A Lasting Spirit

This month, we're inspired by children who are speaking out to defend their rights.

Letter from the Editor

For us, being active doesn’t mean taking a walk, or going on a run. It doesn’t require a gym membership or a yoga class.

For the Plan Community, being active means speaking out, partnering with a child, or standing up for girls’ rights and gender equality. We’re active because it makes a difference – and it makes the world better.

Every day, we’re inspired by girls like Kiran from India, or Maria from Brazil, who stand up against child marriage or for girls’ education. We’re pushed by the existence of human trafficking or Female Genital Mutilation. We’re driven by inspiring children who are determined to move from a life of poverty to a future with opportunity.

We don’t need a Spotify mix for motivation. It is all around us. Let’s get active.

Share Your Story!

Tell us how you’re getting active this month. Are you speaking up for gender equality? Are you writing to your sponsored child? Let us know. Tag us on span Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram.

This Month's Articles:

  1. You Can Make a Difference

    Plan International USA sponsor Gibbs Lukoskie reflects back on why he decided to sponsor a child. After visiting his two sponsored children in the Philippines, he is prouder than ever of that choice 28 years ago. Find out why.

  2. The Volume Against FGM is Rising

    Egypt has the world’s third-highest rate of female circumcision, despite it having been illegal for almost a decade. The practice might be even more prevalent were it not for a cast of committed voices speaking out. With International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation coming up on February 6, we’re sharing their stories. Learn More.

  3. A Sponsor's Impact

    Regina, from Nicaragua, is proof that sponsoring a child has a lasting effect. Although her relationship with her sponsor ended, she credits Plan’s sponsorship program with helping her grow as a person and giving her the confidence she needs to be an entrepreneur. Find out how.

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