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The WomenLead Institute's February Workshop

and Lead
With Confidence


At some point in your career you have been asked or you will be asked to facilitate a group discussion or learning event. This might be something as simple as leading a staff meeting or as challenging as designing and facilitating a multi-day strategic planning process.

This unique, highly participatory, four-day workshop will help you become a better, more inclusive leader; one who promotes new ideas and makes others feel included. It combines key elements of Plan’s renowned women’s leadership program with its highly-acclaimed facilitation skills trainings. The dynamic and supportive environment provides a place for you to learn, practice new skills, and receive immediate feedback from your peers and trainers.


Entry and mid-level professional women who are not already skilled trainers or facilitators will leave the workshop with knowledge of:

  1. Confidence-building strategies to lead more effectively;
  2. An assessment of personal learning styles and facilitation strategies for each style;
  3. A solid theoretical foundation on principles and concepts of adult learning and participatory facilitation methods—bedrock skills that can be applied to any context;
  4. Trusted techniques, tips, and tactics to manage various group dynamics and other challenging situations; and
  5. The opportunity to practice facilitating on camera and receive constructive feedback from experts and peers.

  • Plan's facilitation workshop teaches young female professionals valuable facilitation skills.

    “I loved that this [workshop] was created very specifically for young women who are early in their careers that work in a similar industry as me. This made it very comfortable to speak, open up, and ask questions without fear of judgment.”

  • Plan's facilitation workshop creates a supportive environment for workshop participants.

    “I loved the design of the training, the methods used, the structure of the day, the facilitators (and their styles), and of course, the content. I also loved that it was a women-only training and there was a very supportive environment created by the participants and the facilitators.”

  • Facilitators from Plan's WomenLead workshops empower participants to harness their leadership potential.

    “This workshop exceeded all of my expectations. The facilitators were phenomenal — exemplifying what a confident, empathetic leader should be and empowering participants to harness their own potential as leaders and facilitators. The women-centered aspect only amplified this.”

  • Plan's facilitation workshop empowers participants to share their knowledge with other women.

    “I feel very empowered and equipped to share this knowledge with my colleagues — even those with more facilitation experience — and apply it effectively.”

  • The Confident Facilitation Workshop will be held in February and June of 2018.

    “[The workshop] has definitely helped give me some positive (and confident) energy to carry over into my work. It was truthfully one of the best trainings I’ve taken.”

Plan International USA

Plan International USA’s leadership and capacity development team brings more than 40 years of global experience designing and leading workshops across a range of topics, including personal leadership, project management, strategic planning, advocacy, training of trainers, and facilitation. Our experienced trainers design and deliver trainings that are highly participatory, practical and hands-on, and our team prides itself on creating fun and supportive learning environments that leave participants better prepared and more confident in their abilities.

Registration Deadline: February 15, 2018

Space is limited, so please register at your earliest convenience.

Workshop Cost:

$960.00 (includes course materials and coffee breaks)

Must be paid in full at time of registration.

Please Note: Cancellations made before one week of the start date will be refunded at 50%. No refunds will be given for cancellations within one week of the start date.


For registration or event questions, please contact us at

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