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Fifty and Counting

Casden, a Plan Itnernational USA Child Sponsor, hopes to sponsor 1,000 children.

Graham Casden is a true and tested believer in the incredible impact a Plan International USA sponsor can make.

In fact, he’s such a believer, that he decided to make a difference in the life of more than one child. So, he sponsored more – 49 more to be exact. Currently, Graham sponsors 50 children and counting.

“My goal is 1,000 [child sponsorships] so I’m still a far ways off,” he said. “It’s gratifying to help others. We can’t be everywhere at the same time, so contributing to a reputable program like Plan allows us to do much more.”

Graham is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer for Ocean First – an advocacy organization for marine science education and ocean conservation. He grew up in California and developed a love for the ocean and for travel, leading him to visit destinations all over the world.

“I’ve had the good fortune of traveling far and wide and wanted to do something to help support the children in the countries I visited,” he said.

Child sponsorship through Plan was the perfect way to help.

Plan’s child sponsorship program not only facilitates an inspirational partnership between a brave, determined child and a child sponsor, but it also equips children with the tools to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves by allocating funds to where they are needed most.

Most importantly, Graham has found that the program is effective.

“Plan works,” he said. “I’ve had many children ‘graduate’ from the program and it’s amazing to see their development over the years.”

“I feel confident where my money is going, that I’m making a positive difference in many kids’ lives, and my relationship with Plan’s regional director has been wonderful,” he added.

Graham is also confident in Plan as an organization. In addition to child sponsorship, he regularly contributes in other ways. Gifts of Hope like school supplies and soccer balls have been his favorite. He hopes to one day integrate Plan into his business by offering customers the opportunity to match sponsorships with Ocean First.

Sponsoring 50 different children creates an opportunity to forge many diverse relationships. Graham writes letters and regularly checks on the incredible impact his sponsorships are making.

He knows that as a child sponsor, he is encouraging their promise and potential.

“[I hope to] open doors for kids they didn’t even know were closed,” he said.

Plan to make a difference!

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