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Five Ways Plan is Partnering with Youth

For Plan International USA, youth are important partners in our mission to end the cycle of poverty and create a better, more sustainable world.

Because the time for youth is NOW, they play a critical role at all levels of Plan’s work, from governance to program, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Here are five of the many ways Plan is partnering with youth:

 1. Plan’s Youth Advisory Board plays a crucial role in high-level organizational decisions. 

Five Ways Plan is Working With Youth

The Board is made up of members from around the country with a mission to develop and implement Plan initiatives, while working closely with Plan’s staff and Board of Directors.

The Board also collaborates with Youth Advisory Boards around the Plan world.

2. Youth serve as vital representatives for Plan.

Five Ways Plan is Working With Youth

Because the youth voice is an important voice, Plan's youth work with the international development community to collaborate and communicate ideas.

As recently as last month, Youth Advisory Board members Luis and Nadyah attended the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 60 Youth Forum at the UN. The forum’s goal was to address the root causes of gender inequality.

3. This summer, Plan is partnering with youth for the Youth Leadership Academy in Washington DC. 

Five Ways Plan is Working With Youth

Plan will work with youth to pave a path towards a better future through the Sustainable Development Goals. Upon finishing the one-week training, youth will be equipped to create and implement a Leadership Development Project. They can work with a mentor and with Plan staff throughout the course of the next year to make an impact, directly applying new skills to dynamic and exciting real-world situations, creating a better world for all of us. (The deadline to apply for the YLA is May 1, so don’t delay!)

4. Youth are leading the charge, and partnering with Plan, when it comes to Sustainable Development Goal 16.9, which calls for birth registration for all by 2030.

Five Ways Plan is Working With Youth

Plan’s Youth Advisory Board is leading the “Leave Your Mark” campaign – an initiative asking people from all across the country to show support for Universal Birth Registration by signing an online petition. As part of the initiative, 10,000 fingerprints will be sent on postcards to the U.S. Special Coordinator at the United Nations for the post-2015 Development Agenda.

Plan’s Count Every Child Campaign was launched in 2005 to tackle the issue of birth registration around the world. Although a birth certificate for a U.S. citizen is a given, in many countries, children and youth lack the appropriate documentation for protection from child trafficking or to find employment.

5. Youth play a critical role in Plan’s program work abroad as well.

Five Ways Plan is Working With Youth

Plan is committed to the goal that young adolescents and youth will live in communities that value their participation and provide opportunities for their leadership and economic empowerment.

Specifically, to succeed in the job market, Plan partners with youth to build socio-economic and life skills. Plan’s pre-employment competencies build self-confidence, leadership, and communication skills, and help youth access their basic rights.

After all, when youth are empowered, they can change the world.

Plan to make a difference!

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