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Five Ways to Empower a Child with an Education

You can empower a child with education!

Plan International USA believes education is part of the foundation for empowerment and is key to unlocking the promise and potential of children.

Education is integrated in all that Plan does, from water, sanitation, and hygiene, to sexual and reproductive health, protection, and economic security.

As a member of the Plan movement, you can help. From equipping a child with pencils and books to rebuilding a school after a disaster, your support can help educate a child, nurture her growth, and change her community and country for the better.

Here are a few of the best ways to lend a hand:

  1. Give to Plan’s Education Fund

    Plan's education programming is based on the knowledge that learning begins at birth, and early formative years play a crucial role in the development of a child. As children grow, they will flourish if they are able to go school, stay there until they finish, and learn the basic skills of literacy, mathematics, life skills, and critical thinking in a supportive setting.

    Your gift will give particular emphasis to access and quality of education, governance, and community support, as well as teacher training.

  2. Sponsor a Child

    By sponsoring a child, you’re supporting a child, her family, and her community. Plan’s sponsorship approach focuses less on feeding, clothing, and sheltering communities, and more on equipping them with the tools to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves.

    Perhaps the biggest tool in the tool belt of any child is an education – and Plan works to ensure sponsored children are receiving an education for a better and brighter future.

  3. Empower a Girl

    You can partner with Plan through one of our Because I am a Girl projects. Projects in Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sierra Leone aim to keep girls in school, among other initiatives. You can bet that girls’ education will be the focus of any Plan girl-focused initiative, because an educated girl is an empowered girl.

  4. Help A Community Recover from Disaster

    Plan is committed to the communities where it responds after a disaster, and education is a big part of our approach.

    Immediately after a disaster, education is a priority. Temporary Learning Centers are constructed to ensure class-time is not missed and normalcy is restored. Additionally, months and years after a disaster, Plan remains in emergency areas to provide long-term recovery and rehabilitation. Long-term projects, like schools, are a priority.

  5. Give a Gift of Hope

    Gifts of Hope are actual items needed by the communities in which Plan works.

    Children are often left behind because they don’t have the necessary uniforms or school supplies to succeed. A Gift of Hope can help children with that extra push and provide the one missing link they need to build a better future.

    Plan to make a difference!

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