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Five Ways to Empower a Girl

Girls and young women are the most excluded group in the world.

To bring attention to the inequalities, injustices, and discrimination girls face around the world on a daily basis, the United Nations dedicated October 11 as International Day of the Girl five years ago.

Plan International USA has been a leader on International Day of the Girl – and every day. The Because I am a Girl movement highlights the fact that when a girl is empowered, she WILL learn, lead, decide, and thrive!

The movement is built on the support of donors and people who are doing simple, easy things to empower girls all over the world.

Here are five ways you can join the movement and empower a girl:

1. Wear a Message of Empowerment

With a generous gift to the Because I am a Girl Fund, you will have the opportunity to download a #SheWill bracelet and share your message of encouragement with girls around the world.

Your support for Because I am a Girl is critical to millions of girls who are – right now – denied the basic human rights to learn, lead, decide, and thrive.

Empower a GIrl

2. Share a Message of Empowerment

Just download our #SheWill sign, and snap a photo or video. Anyone can share a message. Fill in the blank: When a girl is empowered, #SheWill….

Be sure to use the hashtag #SheWill and tag @BcImaGirl on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Empower a Girl

3. Support a Because I am a Girl Project

From Ethiopia to Indonesia, Plan International USA is working around the world to bring education to girls, protect them from gender-based violence, and ensure they marry when they choose.

Pick a project that you’re passionate about, and get updated on the project’s progress throughout its lifetime.

Empower a Girl

4. Sponsor a Girl

Through child sponsorship at Plan International USA, both sponsors and sponsored children are continually inspired and reaffirmed in their commitment to making a world a better place.

Sponsorship is a partnership, and there is no better way to empower a girl than by partnering with her.

Empower a Girl

5. Give Differently

Gifts of Hope are ACTUAL items or services needed by communities in which we work.

A Gift of Hope for a girl will make a tangible, immediate impact in her life.

You can protect her and ensure her period does not keep her out of school.

Empower a Girl

Plan to make a difference!

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