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Freida Pinto and Plan Celebrate International Day of the Girl

On Thursday, October 10th, Plan International USA will host an exclusive Because I am a Girl benefit dinner to celebrate the second annual International Day of the Girl. The gala dinner will be emceed by MSNBC’s Richard Lui and will feature special guest and award-winner Freida Pinto.

Because I am a Girl, in celebration of International Day of the Girl, will recognize champions of the girl movement, including Freida Pinto for her work as a global advocate for millions of girls around the world. As Global Ambassador, Freida has visited Because I am a Girl projects in Sierra Leone, India, and Ethiopia.

“There’s so much happening in our global community, and the only way to be well-versed is to be a global citizen. I’ve seen firsthand that girls in developing countries are the most disadvantaged people on earth. Girls with no access to education are stuck in a life with little opportunity and little hope to escape the cycle of poverty,” said Ms. Pinto. "This award is humbling. It is a reminder that there are girls in parts of the world that need strong voices like ours to continue and heighten our efforts to make this world a better place for them to be in."

Other award-winners include 14-year-old Malika who helps her peers in Burkina Faso get to school by bicycle and 10x10 and Intel for their documentary Girl Rising. The event will be held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Other honored guests include Plan youth delegates: Dipika and Tulasi from Nepal, Omneia and Asmaa from Egypt, and Tatiana and Hélène from Burkina Faso.

On October 11th, the world will commemorate the 2nd annual International Day of the Girl, an observance day declared by the United Nations to increase awareness of the unique challenges and barriers that prevent millions of girls from reaching their fullest potential.

Girls in developing countries face discrimination just because they are girls. They are less likely to have access to an education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and protection from violence, trafficking, and early marriage.

“International Day of the Girl is an important step forward in ensuring that girls around the world have the same opportunities and protections that boys do. Entire families, communities and countries are changed when we invest in our girls, too,” said Ms. Pinto. “The way to end the cycle of poverty, reduce the number of teenage pregnancies and early marriage, and address many other ills that befall our girls is by making sure they go to school and stay in school.”

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