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Summer 2017

With the Plan Federation adopting a new global strategy that advances girls’ rights as a stated priority, there is greater investment and opportunity for creating positive change.

Spring 2017

Plan shares its new purpose statement and the results of an independent 10-year impact evaluation of the BRIGHT project.

Winter 2016

Looking ahead to the New Year, Plan International faces opportunities to do even more. Our global federation just finalized its strategy to unite all the Plan offices under a common purpose. This new strategy puts girls squarely at the center of our community work.

Fall 2016

Achieving the SDGs while ensuring we meet the needs of women and girls throughout the goals is a challenging task that can only be achieved through the creation of strategic partnerships among and between governments, civil society, and private sector institutions.

Summer 2016

The first edition of From Plan to Action, Plan International USA's quarterly program and advocacy e-Newsletter.

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