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Every child has the right to grow up healthy, educated, protected and valued. Yet girls are often denied access to these basic human rights. When they face violence and oppression, their path is blocked. And during emergencies, like the COVID-19 pandemic, the inequalities girls face intensify. Harmful practices like child marriage, trafficking and gender-based violence drastically escalate in times of crisis.

When you give one of the Gifts of Hope below, you're helping to tear down the barriers ahead of her, so she is free to take her next step toward the future she wants. Together, we can remove the hurdles in her way.

Look for the 4x icon to MULTIPLY your impact!

The fight for gender equality cannot take a backseat. It's a fight we must take on together — girls, boys, men, women, all of us. In the end, we’ll all be stronger because of it. Experience and research have shown clear links between fulfilling children’s rights, ending child poverty and achieving gender equality. Investing in a girl’s future will not only improve her life, but also the economic condition of her family, community and country.

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