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With one livestock gift, parents can feed their hungry children, sell animal products, make an income, afford to send their daughters to school, and help move their entire communities forward. Will you activate this kind of change?

You Can Help Parents Nurture Their Children

Many families in the developing world are focused on meeting essential needs and surviving day-to-day. When you give them farm animals and the training and supplies to keep them healthy, you can really help turn things around and help families plan for the future. That’s why Livestock gifts are so popular—they’re transformational.

Too often, poor families exist on one meal a day with little or no protein, like rice or corn porridge. Their kids’ growth is stunted, they get sick more easily, and they struggle to keep up mentally and physically. But you can nourish them with foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, and eggs. You help children grow up healthy and ready to learn.

Livestock also provide fertilizer for farms and raw materials for blankets and clothing. Parents can start small businesses like vegetable stands and dairy farms, or even supply textile manufacturers. This extra income can be saved and invested back into the family for school tuition, uniforms, supplies, and medical care.

Your Livestock Gift of Hope can give a struggling family the chance to build a bright, healthy future full of promise!

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