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When livelihood is tough to sustain, families have to make tough decisions. And too often, these decisions make life difficult for girls. But these Gifts of Hope can give families the tools they need to help their children thrive.


Livelihood, it’s what you do for a living. How you pay the bills. How you support yourself. And how you provide for your family. But livelihood isn’t just about money. It’s about opportunities. In many parts of the world, where livelihoods are difficult to sustain, families have to make tough decisions. Too often these decisions make life harder for girls. But with these Gifts of Hope, you can provide families with the tools they need to secure sustainable livelihoods. They’ll no longer need to rely on desperate measures like pulling their daughters out of school and marrying them to much older men as a source of economic wellbeing. That means you’ll not only break cycles of poverty, you’ll also help more girls continue their educations and thrive.

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