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Global Handwashing Day Celebrations

Global Handwashing Day Celebrations.

Each year on October 15, the world celebrates Global Handwashing Day (GHWD), a day dedicated to the importance of handwashing with soap. This year marked the 5th anniversary of GHWD and to celebrate this milestone, the theme was "Help More Children Reach Their 5th Birthday".

Plan joined the world in the celebrations last week and we'd like to share a few highlights and photos with you.

Plan Haiti, as a member of the Global Handwashing Day National Committee, lead the coordination of official HWD celebrations in the North-east and the South-east Departments of Haiti.

This year’s slogan "Lave men ak dlo pwòp ak savon bare mikwòb" (wash your hands with soap and clean water to protect yourself against microbes), emphasized the importance of hand-washing considering the presence of cholera.

Children are excellent at spreading the message and the activities in the South-East at the national school of Breman, Jacmel were held with 300 students present. The students, teachers and community members learned how, when and why washing their hands will prevent disease.


Sudan Global Handwashing Day

Plan Sudan–Guli Program Unit celebrated Global Handwashing Day in Abarieg Elballa Community, with more than four hundred attendees, primarily children in addition to Health representatives, Community Based Organization representatives, the Director of Education and school teachers.

The day’s activities included a hand-washing demonstration to instruct attendees on avoiding germs, important times to wash hands and approved hand-washing techniques, as well as distribution of soap and pamphlets with instructions and a competition among the children on best hand-washing techniques.

Plan Sudan–North Kordfan Program Unit celebrated Global Handwashing Day with the theme “Wash your hands – to save your life” a message it shared with men, women and children in the community. The message was conveyed through competitions, drama and speeches, including one made by a child representative who encouraged her peers to spread the message to their families and to continue the practice long after the day was over.

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