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Youth Advisory Board Member

Grace Miner is a human rights and history student at Columbia University in New York City, and a member of Plan International USA’s Youth Advisory Board since 2015. Her anticipated graduation date is 2021.

Grace has won numerous awards and honors in her career, including receiving the 2016 United States Presidential Scholar and 2016 Coca-Cola Foundation Scholar. She was also awarded the 2014 National Academy of Education Arts and Science BAMMY for student initiative.

Her passion to help others has driven her to work with Plan’s GirlEngage project, participation in the U.S.-China Student Leaders Exchange, and working for a local NGO, International Peace Initiatives, for children affected by HIV/AIDS in Kenya through the Shoulder-to-Shoulder program.

Outside of studies and humanitarian work, Grace is the acting assistant artistic director at Columbia University Ballet Ensemble and a board member/choreographer for productions.


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