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Guatemala: Lifelong Learning Project

This project is led by Juarez and Associates, in partnership with Child Fund and Plan International, to improve education quality and access for underserved populations in Guatemala through two main components: Component A) Learning to Read; and Component B) Education for Employment and Lifelong Learning.

Plan is partnering with school communities to increase parents’ and communities’ awareness of education, especially for girls. To begin, Plan led a participatory study with parents in the Western Highlands to better understand educational challenges facing their communities and to develop viable solutions to address issues of quality education, literacy, and intercultural bilingual education.

USAID/Prime: Juarez & Associates, Inc. USAID Contractor
Project Start Date
April 2014
Project End Date
March 2019
Technical Areas Covered
Early Grade Reading in Bilingual Contexts; Learning Opportunities for Out-of-School Youth; Youth Opportunities for Income Generation

As a result of the findings, Plan developed an action plan for increased involvement of parents and community members in education, including activities to build their capacity through an awareness campaign on quality education. Additionally, through Aulas para Padres, or Classrooms for Parents, Plan is engaging parents and community members more in their children’s education and issues that impact them. Through this work, Plan and the Aulas para Padres have identified hundreds of young people who have not continued their studies, and who are now being supported to reintegrate into the education system. 

Plan also works to create alliances in each of the 12 target communities among key youth service providers, thereby maximizing resources for more effective and complementary service provision to local youth. Partners include training providers, employers, community-based organizations, parent and youth associations, and local and national government officials. Plan supports these networks to generate and coordinate projects for out-of-school youth, improving their capacities and their conditions for a better quality of life.

Under this subcontract, Plan International conducted numerous assessments, including a Participatory Youth Assessment, to understand the constraints of youth access to formal and alternative education, vocational training, and civic engagement. The methodology integrated qualitative and quantitative data collection that will continue to inform the project’s strategies to increase opportunities for out-of-school youth to attend school programs and develop marketable skills for employment. The results produced a database of approximately 1,300 variables, indicating a high level of apathy among youth, high levels of unemployment, and reports of extensive gender discrimination.

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