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Gender & Youth Equality

Healthy Masculinity Tipsheet for Parents

Global experts at Plan International USA (Plan), an international organization that advances girls’ equality and children’s rights, and Promundo, a global leader in engaging men and boys in promoting gender equality and preventing violence, have drawn from their decades of U.S. and global research and experience to provide concrete tips to help parents talk to their sons about healthy masculinity and self-expression.

Why? In recent months, the topic of raising caring, respectful boys has become one of concern and interest for many parents. Across the country, gender equality, power, cultural norms, harassment, and gender expectations are being discussed openly, in unprecedented ways. Women and girls are speaking out and being encouraged to challenge traditional gender stereotypes, but the messages we are giving to boys and men have largely stayed the same. For parents who are wondering how exactly they can raise their boys to be connected, respectful men, this tip sheet can help provide practical guidance, grounded in national and global evidence.

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