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Hygiene Kit for a Girl

Children are in crisis without the essentials they need to stay safe and healthy. Many are living in crowded areas and are unable to socially distance. Their parents can't fully protect them from disease without your help. Your Hygiene Kit will provide a child with shampoo, bath soap, a toothbrush, bath cleaner, underwear and a comb.


Hygiene Kit for a Girl | $15.00
Hygiene Kit for 4 Girls | $60.00

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COVID-19 Response Gifts, Livelihood Gifts
Live blog: What’s happening in the Bidi Bidi refugee camp?

The Bidi Bidi refugee camp hosts the largest number of unaccompanied child refugees. And yet, in this place surrounded by so many others, it can be incredibly isolating. The safe haven can be a war zone for girls.

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