Impact Circles

Creating equality through community

When young women take the lead, they fight for change. And when we invest in girls, we can eliminate gender inequality. Together, we can give young women a megaphone and amplify their message: “We are the girls who will change the world.”

Plan’s Impact Circles are highly engaged groups of donors who come together to partner with adolescent girls, Plan volunteers and staff to create transformational change through their support of and connection with Plan programs. Through Impact Circles, Plan is building communities of change with philanthropists who are ready to invest their time, talent and treasure to achieve gender equality for girls around the world.

Members of Impact Circles:

  • Make a significant leading financial commitment, signaling a decision to make gender equality for adolescent girls one of their highest giving priorities.
  • Believe in the impact of collective giving and have a vested passion in making sure that all adolescent girls are safe, educated and economically successful.
  • Educate themselves on the issues facing adolescent girls through program site visits; interaction with participating girls and program staff; and information sharing.
  • Assist in expanding Plan’s reach by serving as ambassadors for the organization.
  • Attend strategicmeetings, including regular program updates and an annual gathering of all Impact Circles, focused on a variety of topics and regions.
  • Learn about the core tenets of effective intergenerational and family philanthropy from motivations and values to governance and collective philanthropic decision-making.


In return for their invaluable contributions of time, contacts, financial resources and expertise, Impact Circle members receive special benefits, such as:

  • Bespoke program reporting, personalized communications with program participants, curated program-focused events and vision trips.
  • Opportunities to engage directly with program leaders in countries around the world, as well as program participants, to shape support unique to their needs.
  • Naming opportunities for high-level gifts.
  • Access to the Plan USA executive team and program leadership.
  • Recognition on website.
  • Peer-to-peer professional and social connections with other Impact Circle members.

“We’ve developed our Impact Circle with lofty goals of creating a community of interesting people, who will do something meaningful together, learn together and have fun as we go. We are still early in our journey, but I have very high hopes on all accounts — I love our team, we have found a Plan program that really excites us, and we are learning about girls’ needs in Senegal and how to help them create a better future for themselves. We have confidence that we will help the program be successful, but also generate innovation that can help Plan and girls beyond the program itself.” — Debbie

Plan International Impact Circle

Creating equality through community is at the heart of what we do at Plan USA — and that is exactly what our Impact Circles are all about. For more information on how to create or join your own Impact Circle today, please contact Lindsay Jackson, Director, Leadership Gifts, at [email protected].

Impact Circles support Plan programs like …

The Graduation Project

Seven miles.

That’s how far some girls in Zimbabwe have to walk every day in order to go to school. For many, this long journey is simply too dangerous. Along the way, girls endure sexual harassment, and sometimes the harassment escalates into something worse. If they want to avoid the long walk, some girls resort to “bush boarding,” leaving their homes to stay in places like empty office spaces or storage sheds that are closer to school.

But living in such dangerous spaces during their teenage years means that girls don’t have critical adult supervision, either to keep them safe or to provide mentorship and advice. They are alone.

What are we doing?

The Graduation Project is working with girls to construct safe and inclusive dormitories so they can stay enrolled in school and build their futures. These buildings are designed in part by the girls themselves through Plan’s unique GirlEngage approach, which involves girls in each step of the project, from designing and implementing activities to giving feedback during evaluations. With their direct input on features like fencing around the property, running water systems and matrons who would provide them with security and mentorship, the girls are now living in what they call their “mini paradise.”

We learned a saying: ‘Anything for us, without us, is against us.’ Plan treated us like their partners with their approach called GirlEngage. Together, we designed the type of dormitory we wanted, even the colors of the walls and the bedspreads! We described the type of dormitory matron we wanted, someone who is our friend … Everything was so new to me … using toilets, sleeping on a bed, eating healthy food and using computers. At home I’d spend most of my time with chores and with little time to read. But now I have plenty of time to read, plenty of water for bathing and I feel smarter.

A girl in a light blue t-shirt blows bubbles with her friends in a courtyard.

Amanda, The Graduation Project participant

Amanda (right) and her friends playing with bubbles in the school’s courtyard.

Impact Circle member testimonials


The Power of Girls in Senegal by Jackie Yeaney

Will you create equality through community and join an Impact Circle now?