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The Economist: Covid-19 threatens girls’ gigantic global gains

Adolescents is a crucial juncture for girls. A recent study by Citigroup and Plan International estimates that, if emerging economies ensures that 100% of girls complete secondary school, it could lead to a lasting boost to their GDP of 10% by 2030.

The Economist: Awesome, weird and everything else

Being a girl is special, difficult and better than it used to be. "All the girls are angry about the gender pay gap and sexual harassment. This does not mean they see themselves as feminists, a term which only 28% of 10- to 19-year-old-girls in America use to describe themselves, according to a Plan International survey."

Red Tricycle: Decorate Your Front Door and Help Girls Around the World

October 11 is International Day of the Girl, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the need for girls’ rights. It's also the perfect opportunity to teach your kids —boys and girls—about the importance of gender equality and girls' rights around the world. Show support for girls and young women and unlock their power and potential by decorating your front door in honor of International Day of the Girl.

Devex: Opinion: Our collective vulnerability

Vanessa Kerry, John Kerry's daughter, discusses the weaknesses in global health care. She mentions Plan International's work in South Sudan and Syria to strengthen health systems for refugees.

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