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Global Citizen: Gender equality faces new set of obstacles amid COVID-19

There is not a single country in the world that has achieved gender equality. Equal Measures 2030 in March found that more than a third of countries have been moving too slowly or in the wrong direction to address four of the five core issues targeted by the Global Goals. “The time is now to ring alarm bells because the progress made to date on gender equality is in danger of being erased." 

Devex: Check Your Bias, Gender Data Experts Warn

Less than one percent of the research published on Ebola and Zika at the time of the outbreaks explored their gendered impacts. There has been a concerted push to avoid the same mistakes with the coronavirus pandemic and to collect more quality data disaggregated by sex, gender, and age. But ongoing data collection work on COVID-19 has some experts, like Plan International USA CEO Tessie San Martin, wondering about new, widening information gaps.

Devex: It's Time To Stop Guessing How Much Donors Spend On Gender Equality

Friends of Publish What You Fund and Publish What You Fund, with partners Plan International and Save the Children, are launching a new project to drive progress on development and ensure that foreign aid helps women and girls. Tessie San Martin co-authors an article announcing this project.

Affinity: Plan USA Is Working To Assist The LGBTQI+ Community During The Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has shaken our world upside down and affected every single one of us in different ways. However, there’s an urgent matter that very few seem to be talking about: the particular vulnerability of the LGBTQI+ community during this time. Jorge, a member of Plan’s Youth Advisory Board who’s currently a high school senior in an under-resourced community in Oklahoma City, talks about how the organization is working to tackle the previously mentioned issues.

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