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Indonesia: Better Life Options and Opportunities

You’re a 15-year-old girl, and like many teens in your country, you are no longer attending school.

You haven’t been taught about your body or how it works, and the possibility exists that you’ll be expected to marry a man you’ve never met. By law, you can’t own land or inherit anything, and you have no rights to your family’s property.

Still, you have dreams and hopes. You just need the skills to take control of your life and build your own future.

Rural Indonesia, a mountainous island nation, is one of the most isolated regions in the world. It would take days to get to the bustling capital city of Jakarta, which might as well be a world away. News travels slowly, and misinformation, particularly about health, is rampant.

With few skills and even fewer job prospects, many seek new lives far from home. As a result, girls often fall victim to human trafficking, child labor, early pregnancy, and marriage.

Since its development in 1987, Plan International’s Better Life Options and Opportunities Model (BLOOM) projects have been implemented successfully in more than 15 countries—from South Africa, to India, to Egypt. Through donor support, BLOOM can now offer critical life skills, health services, and social networks to young women in Indonesia. Help us build their knowledge and connect them to resources and support needed to be physically and emotionally strong, make informed decisions about their health, and realize their rights.

Support for the BLOOM project in Indonesia will give thousands of girls access to life skills and work preparedness. You can help build community information and education centers for adolescent girls, where they can learn about goal setting, career planning, rights and responsibilities, health, and gender equality. These will be safe spaces for adolescent girls where they can also access information about sexual and reproductive health.

We know that education and access to decent work for young women, through formal employment or entrepreneurial training, are central to narrowing gender gaps—economically and in terms of social status. While the BLOOM project is designed for adolescent girls, boys are also included, since their participation is vital to achieving gender—equitable attitudes and behavior.

Together, we can mobilize entire communities to work for the benefit of girls and boys in Indonesia. Then, young people will not only have dreams for the future, they will be empowered to make those dreams come true.

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