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Indonesia: TechMuda

TechMuda will train 150 out-of-school youth (70% of whom are young women) with market-driven Information Technology (IT) and employability skills and transition them into the IT sector.

TechMuda will build the capacity of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Centers while working closely with government ministries, industry associations/HR forums, and start-up networks. The project aims to recruit marginalized young women and create a mentorship program, internships, industry-led workshops, an industry network, and training of trainers for TVET staff.

The project aims to place at least 80 percent of graduates in full-time or self-employed job opportunities that offer minimum wage or above with insurance benefits.

JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Project Start Date
November 2018
Project End Date
October 2020
Technical Areas Covered
Youth, Work-Force Development, Information Technology (IT)

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