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Join the global movement for girls' rights!

International Day of the Girl



We’re so thankful for these incredible girls, women, boys, and men around the globe who are—right now—blowing up social media in support of girls rights! Check it out and represent. Download your sign and show the world #GirlsBelongHere—anywhere and everywhere boys belong. Post on social media, share, tag, and repeat!

Join us in celebrating International Day of the Girl 2017.
Join girls around the world and show your support for girls' rights!
Girls around the world are speaking out for girls' rights.
Every voice matters! Stand up and be counted.

Girls Belong In the Classroom

In Nepal last month, MSNBC anchor and Plan International USA ambassador Richard Lui visited a brand new school built with support from Plan International.

Constructed to be earthquake resistant after a previous local school was destroyed by a devastating quake in 2015, it also embodies Plan's commitment to gender equality. Bathrooms are available for both boys and girls—even the mural on the wall in one of the classrooms depicts a girl.

The school was built with the strong belief that #GirlsBelongHere!

Join us!

Download your #GirlsBelongHere sign. Then take a selfie with the sign everywhere and anywhere YOU believe that girls belong—schools, offices, job sites, sports fields, local government buildings, etc. Post, share, tag, like, and repeat!

Plan to make a difference!

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