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July 2016: Unlock the Future

Eudel, her family, and her entire community were changed by child sponsorship.

Letter from the Editor

As a member of the Plan community, you see a future full of possibility.

A future where children have broken from the chains of poverty and are empowered to steer their own lives and positively contribute to their communities. A future where girls and boys are afforded the same opportunities, and opportunities are not limited because of finite resources like water and sanitation.

The truth, though, is that the future is now. It just needs to be unlocked. Children and youth everywhere are doing amazing things—and they are capable of achieving much more.

This past month, Nupur, a Plan International youth ambassador from Bangladesh, attended the Gender 360 Summit in Washington D.C.

“With proper knowledge and skill, we can make a big difference in the world,” she said.

Girls and boys everywhere can – and are – changing the world. We Plan to unlock their limitless promise and potential. Join us.

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This Month's Articles:

  1. Child Sponsorship Changed Eudel’s Life and Community

    Sponsorship is life-changing – and it doesn’t just have a positive impact on a single sponsored child. A child’s family and entire community benefit from this incredible gift as well.

    See how sponsorship changed Eudel’s life – and affected her family and community.

  2. Five Ways to Empower a Child with an Education

    Education is integrated in all that Plan does, from water, sanitation, and hygiene, to sexual and reproductive health, protection, and economic security.

    Here are five of the many ways you can empower a child with an education.

  3. Plan International USA at the Gender 360 Summit

    Highlighting development issues related to adolescent girls and boys, the Gender 360 Summit – an official side event of the White House’s United State of Women Summit – was held on June 15-16 and featured Plan speakers and panelists ranging from the CEO and Senior Vice President of International Programs, to youth ambassadors from the U.S. and Bangladesh.

    Here's a look at the buzz surrounding the event.

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