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June 2017: Together, We'll Rise to the Challenge

In today's volatile climate, it's important to stand up for our values.

Letter from the Editor

In a world fraught with challenges, we stand on the front lines together.

Your support is empowering children to break the cycle of poverty, helping girls who are otherwise left vulnerable, and building resilience within communities around the world.

These actions come from our values, which reject the injustices of poverty and instead see a world where opportunity is a right and not a luxury.

In today’s volatile political and cultural climate, it is important to protect our values and drive changes in practice and policy at local, national, and global levels through advocacy. Our work on the ground will never end, but we also intend to speak up more than ever before. We hope you will stand with us and make your voices heard. Here’s how.

For 80 years, the Plan community has risen to the challenge by partnering with children and communities, as well as with you, our supporters. Now is no different.

Spread Hope!

Hope is powerful and life-affirming. It creates opportunities to thrive. Have you given a Gift of Hope this spring? Tell the world! Share on social media and use the hashtag #GiveDifferently.

This Month's Articles:

  1. A Link to a Family's Past in Cambodia

    Sponsoring a child in Cambodia through Plan International USA has helped one family find a link to their past.

    Find out why a recent trip wasn’t just about visiting a sponsored child. It was about returning home.

  2. I May Not Marry Early After All

    Before Plan International began supporting her community, 15-year-old Locuo believed that her only option was to find a husband to take care of her and her younger brothers and sisters.

    Find out why she changed her mind, and how Plan is responding in South Sudan.

  3. Plan International Responds to Kenyan Drought

    Kenya is in the midst of the worst drought in recent history, and children tend to be the most affected.

    Watch to find out how Plan is providing immediate assistance.

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