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Lasting Impact: Evaluating Ten Years of Advancing Women's Leadership

For over a decade, the ExxonMobil Foundation’s Women’s Economic Opportunity Initiative (WEOI) - a global effort to help women in developing countries fulfill their economic potential and serve as drivers of economic and social change in their communities—has invested in Plan International USA’s Global Women in Management (GWIM) program.

To measure the long-term effects of the GWIM program, Plan administered a mixed-methods evaluation (online survey of program alumni from the past ten years; focus group discussions with alumni and indepth interviews with alumni and their supervisors). Though the online survey data are self-reported, this evaluation also triangulated findings from other program documents, including the six-month followon survey conducted after each GWIM workshop as well as other evaluation reports. Combined, these data provide essential information for not only assessing program outcomes, but also for improving future program design and implementation.

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