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Life After Sponsorship: Meet Ronald

The impact of child sponsorship is still prevalent in Ronald’s life.

In Uganda, Ronald grew up with his mother, two younger sisters, and two younger brothers.

His father was still at college, and life was a struggle. Ronald wasn’t able to go to school, and the family often didn’t have enough to eat, which took its toll on his health.

When Ronald became a Plan International sponsored child, he was able to take part in a wide range of projects, from learning to promote good hygiene to raising awareness of the rights and responsibilities of children in his community.

The impact of child sponsorship is still prevalent in his life.

A new toilet block and water tank were installed in the local school, creating a better learning environment and encouraging more children to join—and stay—in school.

And while materials like books, pens, and mosquito nets made Ronald’s day-to-day life happier and healthier, he also saw everyone around him benefit.

Then one day, Ronald received a photo from his sponsor that would change his life.

“He took a picture of a pig, I remember it was a white pig, a long one,” he said. “I really loved it and I promised myself that when I grew up, I would set up a pigsty of my own—and I did it!”

Now 25, Ronald has established a small piggery of 25 pigs and built his own house on his parents’ land.

“Those pigs multiplied,” he said. “They’ve changed my life and the lives of my family.”

With the income from his piggery, he’s paying for his younger sisters and brothers to go to school and making sure his family has all the necessities they need at home.

“My brothers and sisters are all in school, just from that statement from my sponsor,” he said.

But his ambitions don’t stop there. He is currently studying for a degree in Development Studies. In the future, he wants to support other vulnerable children and young people in his community to access education and health care, so they can improve the standard of living for their families, just like he has.

When you choose to sponsor a child, whole communities are transformed. That’s why sponsors help to fund sustainable, community-based development projects, from building schools and digging wells to training teachers and providing life-saving vaccinations.

It’s also why Plan makes sure sponsored children and their families are involved in planning, creating, and making decisions about programs. Not only does this ensure they have a lasting impact, it also gives children the chance to learn new life skills that they can take with them into the future.

“The generosity of my former sponsor has caused lasting improvements in my life, family, and the entire community.” Ronald said. “Child sponsorship kept me in school and allowed me to achieve my dreams. Every child deserves a chance.”

Sponsoring a child through Plan International USA creates a ripple effect that lasts for years. Learn how you can create an impact in a child's life who desperately needs to know their life is valued. Meet a child to help today!

Sponsor a Child

When you sponsor a child through Plan, you can exchange letters to learn about their life, forming an incredible friendship. But that’s just the beginning. With Plan, you also have the unique opportunity to send your sponsored child birthday cards, Little Treasures holiday presents, and our educational kids' magazine, Sunny Days.

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